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Katie Holmes: Tiny shorts are a turn-off

By Cover Media

Katie Holmes doesn't like guys who "wear tiny shorts".

The 34-year-old actress is often photographed around New York City on her way to work-out classes.

Katie is happy to get sweaty and enjoys Bikram Yoga, a form of exercise usually conducted in a heated room, to increase perspiration.

The ex-wife of actor Tom Cruise joked that the only downside to this form of exercise is the scantily-clad men who attend her classes too.

"I love Bikram Yoga. I like the sweat. I feel like it's good for me and good for my skin. I just don't like the guys who wear those tiny shorts," Katie laughed to British magazine Elle. "Why don't they have a sign [saying ‘No shorts’]? It's not OK!"

Katie has previously starred in TV series "Dawson's Creek" but took time out from her acting career when she launched her fashion label Holmes & Yang. The mother-of-one recently returned her focus from fashion back to acting with her Broadway play "Dead Accounts." She also announced that she would not be showing her fashion line at New York Fashion Week this season. The super-busy star says regular sleeps help her maintain energy levels when her schedule gets hectic.

"Napping is important," Katie continued. "Acting on set or in a Broadway show eight times a week is tiring, so I know how crucial rest is. In an ideal world, I'd get nine hours of sleep. In reality, I get about six or seven. I get tired, but then I think, 'Oh my gosh, tomorrow I get to do that!' I always wanted to act, so I feel very lucky."