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Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise Moving to NYC for Broadway Show

Us Weekly

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are moving to the Big Apple!

As Holmes preps to make her Broadway debut this fall, "[Katie] and Tom are committed to keeping the family together, so they have to get an apartment here [in New York]," "All My Sons" producer Eric Falkenstein tells the New York Post.

Some critics gasped when Holmes was cast, but Falkenstein says she is "perfect" for the part of Ann, a woman who visits the family of her former lover, a missing pilot.

"Katie's not a celebrity type," Falkenstein says. "She's done brilliant work in films like "Pieces Of April" and "The Ice Storm."

"Ann starts out as a simple, sweet, average Midwesterner, and by the finale gets up the gumption to stand and confront what's wrong," he adds.

He calls Holmes "a natural sweetheart who can sniff out phonies ... Katie basically has that exact moral fiber [of her character in the play]."

At the first table-read, Holmes "took notes... asked questions... [she] loves being around theater people," Falkenstein says.

"When she signed on, she came here to a bare rehearsal room for a read- through," the producer says. "She didn't ask for anything. She was just sweet and deferential."

Holmes debuts in mid-October for a limited 16-week engagement. She will be on stage six days a week.

BFF Victoria Beckham recently told Usmagazine.com, "She's excited, and I'm excited.

"I think Katie's incredibly talented," she added. "I'm very proud of her to be doing this play."