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The Girl Next Door


Inside Suri's Strange World

Star magazine

She's not yet 2-years-old, but Suri Cruise's face is known the world over. Whether she is out shopping at high end New York stores, sightseeing in Paris or watching the Spice Girls in LA, her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes treat her like a little adult.

That is because that is how they see her. As Scientologists, they believe their daughter has lived for billions of years and so she already knows all there is to know. Just like a grown-up she doesn't even go to bed until 11 p.m!

For Suri there is hardly any discipline, a fascinating Star probe into her life reveals. But there are rules. Tom forbids television and because of anti-Scientology sites, when she is old enough, her computer use will be very limited. "The Internet has become a major source of problems for Scientology," cult expert Rick Ross tells Star. When it comes to education, Suri will follow Tom's other kids, Isabella and Connor and be schooled in the controversial church.

McDonalds is out, her diet is organic, with boiled barley juice one of its major ingredients. Her health is maintained not with medicine, but by herbs. Her friends are virtually all the children of fellow Scientology believers.

For full details of Suri's strange world and the special gift that Tom has arranged for her, pick up this week's issue of Star.