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Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Spend Millions On Suri's Clothes


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have spent over $3m on clothes for their adorable daughter Suri, it has been claimed.

The Hollywood couple has splashed out the large sum on designer gear so Suri always looks stylish.

“Katie and Tom really splurge on Suri, and as they’re so famous, they always get the top fashion designers to custom-make her clothes,” a source said. “Suri may only be three, but she’s very vocal when it comes to her outfits and she’s rarely seen in anything twice.”

Victoria Beckham has also supposedly had a dress commissioned by designer Roberto Cavalli for Suri.

Cruise recently revealed that he’s “flattered” Suri’s style icon status.

“It’s very flattering that people want to copy Suri’s clothes and the way she dresses,” said the Mission Impossible star, who also has two adopted children, Connor and Bella, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

“It does feel strange but you have to kind of go ‘it is what it is’.

“Of course we all think our children are incredible and I feel that way about all three of our kids.”