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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Planning Baby Number 2?

By Adam Nutburn

Cruise and Katie Holmes have announced they are trying for a second child, a new report claims.

The couple, who are headed to New York while Katie makes her Broadway debut later this year, reportedly told pals of their plans to have another baby at their housewarming party in Los Angeles last week.

Guests at the party -- held at the pair's new LA mansion -- speculated that Katie may already be pregnant, as she was wearing loose-fitting clothes and sporting an apparent tummy bulge. However, a source close to the Hollywood super couple says they are, in fact, planning to have their second baby in April 2009 -- and are hoping Katie, 29, will fall pregnant later this summer and have adjusted their work schedules in accordance with the plan.

A source reveals, "Katie is in peak condition, and she's still under 30, so doctors are happy that she can continue with work for the first three months."

Katie and Tom originally put their baby plans on hold after she landed a starring role in the Broadway production of "All My Sons", which the actress will be appearing in from August.

The source also revealed that former "Dawson's Creek" actress Katie has put on weight in preparation for the pregnancy.

"She likes being curvy," the source tells Britain's New! magazine, "and Tom is also very happy with her womanly figure!"

And referring to Katie's upcoming stint on Broadway, which she is using to prove her acting credentials, the source says being a mom remains at the top of Holmes' list of priorities.

Adds the source, "She loves the idea of a Broadway production rather than a big blockbuster to prove her worth as an actress.

"However, after a three month run, she'll be content to hang up her boots for another year and consider more roles after her baby -- or babies -- are born."

And however long it takes her to get pregnant, Katie will be delighted to be adding to her brood at last. "She said she's got the itch," another source says. "Now that Suri is more toddler than baby, Katie misses having an infant around the house. She thinks Suri would make a great big sister."