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The Girl Next Door

Suri Cruise's 'Sweet' Weekend in Boston

by Pernilla Cedneheim

All work and no play makes Tom a dull boy – which is why Tom Cruise took time off from filming for quality family time in Boston.

While Cruise, 47, has been shooting his latest flick Wichita in Boston, his daughter Suri, 3, has been with her mom, Katie Holmes, 30. But on Saturday, the leading man snuck away from the set so the trio could stroll along the Charles River and play at a nearby park.

According to an eyewitness, "[Suri] was full of energy and laughter – and Tom and Katie even joined her for a sprint across the park." After working up a sweat, the three took a seat on a nearby bench, where Suri fell asleep in her father's arms. "They all looked very happy to be spending the day together," the eyewitness says.

Earlier, Suri was treated to a cupcake from Sweet bakery. Holmes hoisted up her little girl so she could survey all the treats, before Suri picked out a red velvet cupcake. "She soon had her whole face covered with red frosting," the eyewitness says.

On Sunday, the family strolled around their hotel, stopping at a Starbucks, where Suri picked up a hot chocolate. Says the onlooker: "[Suri] treated her warm drink like it was a treasure, and she enjoyed small sips."

Heading back to the hotel, the three were spotted by fans, some of whom asked for autographs – which Cruise graciously obliged.