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Has Katie Holmes FINALLY Bought Suri Cruise That Puppy?

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After photos of Suri Cruise sobbing over a puppy Katie Holmes refused to let her have, the world waited with bated breath - when would Katie relent and bag her daughter a furry friend?

And, judging from photos of the pair snapped out and about yesterday, it seems as if that special day has finally arrived. 

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise were spotted enjoying a day of fun-filled activities at Chelsea Piers on Friday - and, looking at the snapes Just Jared has acquired of the duo, it looks as if they were being followed by a new pet dog.


The (what looks like a) brown labradoodle cutie was held by one of their handlers and Suri seemed quite enamoured with the pooch as he followed her into a waiting car.

Is the pup a new addition to their family of two? We bet that'll have Tom Cruise stumped; the Hollywood actor was rumoured to be planning buying Suri a dog of her very own to keep at HIS house when she stays over.

She'll have dogs coming out of her ears by the end of this. We'll keep you posted...