K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door


Katie Holmes sexes up 'Eli Stone'

New York Daily News
By Richard Huff

If Tom Cruise threw a fit when he saw Katie Holmes' sex scene in "Thank You For Smoking," maybe he'd better leave the TV set off on Oct. 21.

Holmes will be purring her way through a sexy, slinky, sizzling dance that night on ABC's quirky drama "Eli Stone."


Can you say, va- va- voom?

"Eli Stone" is about a lawyer who has visions. In the episode, Holmes stars in Stone's vision as a gorgeous, confident brunette who sings to him.

He later finds out she's a real woman - not just a vision - whom he later meets at a ballgame.

No matter.

In the key scene, the 29-year-old actress - who is set to launch on Broadway in "All My Sons" - channels her inner high-stepper to dazzle Stone (Jonny Lee Miller).


When the appearance was first reported last July, show producer Greg Berlanti admitted the goal of hiring his pal Holmes was to add some sizzle to the series.

"Being that we wanted to bring eyeballs to the show and get people to talk about it, I went to Katie and begged her to do it," Berlanti told reporters. "We hadn't worked together since 'Dawson's Creek.'"

He wasn't kidding. Back then, she was a sweet-faced teen in a WB drama.

"It's not an on-screen for two scenes thing," Berlanti said then. "She did a lot of work for this episode. And yes, she sings and dances."