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Katie Holmes moves merch for Prps

New York Daily News
By Korin Miller

Luxury denim brand Prps just launched its first-ever women's lifestyle collection in the States - and promptly sold out of one of their key looks.

Thanks, Katie Holmes.

Fans quickly took note after the "All My Sons" star was photographed wearing the brand's relaxed-fit Boyfriend jeans on a regular basis since relocating to New York in August for her Broadway debut.


Holmes' favorite style flew off shelves before Prps even "officially" launched their women's line. Not that they're complaining.

The actress has definitely "had an influence in increased sales," Prps founder and creative director Donwan Harrell told the Daily News.

The brand's jeans have been a celeb favorite for years, counting David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Tom Brady among its followers.

Now, they're set to influence Hollywood's fairer sex with a collection that includes three models of jeans: A skinny cut, boot cut and Katie's fav, the Boyfriend.

The latter, Harrell says, was inspired by his wife who loves to wear his jeans around the house.

"It's a refreshing alternative to the skinny jean," he explained.

Love those slim-fit jeans? Don't worry - they're not going anywhere, says Nicole Fischelis, fashion director for Macy's East.

Baggy jeans, she says, are "a new trend that co-exists with skinny jeans and wide-leg jeans."

But if you missed out on the Boyfriend, don't worry: Loose-fit jeans will be readily available this fall. Just grab a pair - fast.

"We've been selling it out," Fischelis said.