K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

What's next for little Suri Cruise?

New York Daily News
By Patrick Huguenin

Sunday marks the end of Katie Holmes' time on Broadway. But while Katie paced the boards, it was 2-year-old Suri Cruise who took the city by storm.

Mom wasn't always perfectly dressed — and New York was skeptical of the L.A. transplants' arrival — but Suri strutted the city in Juicy Couture dresses and Bonpoint flats, and even donned Ralph Lauren for a trip to the ballet.

She noshed cupcakes, played in parks, browsed at Hermes on Madison Ave. and became NYC's pint-sized paparazzi target.

In August, Suri explored the sidewalks with mom in between "All My Sons" rehearsals. She played at Chelsea Piers, showed off her Splendid Littles sundresses and helped her parents forage for both fancy dinners and frozen treats.

As fall weather expanded her wardrobe, Suri became the apple of People's Celebrity Baby Blog — and sites devoted exclusively to her duds popped up online. Star magazine reported that Suri receives over 100 letters a day from adoring fans — many of them inquiring where she gets her dresses and Mary Janes.

Her parents helped make her the talk of the town, divulging cute details about their toddler's taste. "She won't wear pants," Tom told Entertainment Tonight. "Kate finally got her in jeans the other day. We put the pants on and walk away and the pants are off and the dress is on."

She's enjoyed the best of New York, seeing movies and shows, touring toy stores, sampling baked goods from Magnolia and enjoying a dinner date with dad at swanky Le Bernardin.

With any luck, Suri's taste of the city means that she'll soon be back for seconds.