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Katie Holmes: I blush if Tom tells me I look nice

Actress says her husband's praise gives her confidence

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Katie Holmes says she still gets embarrassed when Tom Cruise compliments her.

The actress, who has 2-year-old daughter Suri with Tom, 45, says it makes her feel amazing.

‘I love it when Tom tells me I look great,’ she admits.

‘It gives me such confidence. Sometimes it makes me blush but it also gives me attitude.

'Every woman likes to be told she looks beautiful.’

Despite her good looks, Katie, 29, says there's one thing she hates about her body.

‘I try to embrace my imperfections,’ she tells Hello!.

‘But I will forever wage the battle of the thighs! So I prefer not to show them off.

'I am pretty tall. Usually most actresses are tiny and I’m not – I’m a big one.’