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Katie Holmes told to eat more

...on Tom Cruise’s orders as she tries to bulk up her body for another baby

Now Magazine - UK

There's a reason Katie Holmes has piled on a stone in recent weeks - and, as usual, it's Tom Cruise who's in the driving seat when it comes to his wife's life.

As Now has reported, Katie, 31, has been under pressure from her 47-year-old husband to conceive her second child, so under his orders she's dropped her intensive exercise routine and started following a strict ‘baby diet'.

An insider reveals: ‘Katie's been gorging on loads of carbs and she's put on at least 12lb. She hates the fact that she's heavier, but Tom insisted ?that she needed more meat on her bones to have a greater chance of getting pregnant.

‘Katie will always do what Tom says and this proves he still has a heavy grip on her.

'The plus side, from her point of view, is that she gets to eat what she wants these days, rather than surviving on salad.

'But it's not an ideal scenario for Katie because she's always prided herself on her svelte figure.'

The couple have been trying for months to conceive, with the actress anxious to give daughter Suri, two, a brother or sister.

When photos of Katie emerged recently showing her weight gain, some reports inaccurately claimed that she was already pregnant.

Compounding the rumours, she was also seen attending Scientology classes in LA and there were whispers that Katie was being ‘prepped' by cult bosses for a possible pregnancy.

Our source adds: ‘A lot of people in Hollywood were saying she's pregnant, but the truth is that she's let herself go a bit and it's showing on her belly.'

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