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Katie Holmes Is Taking Charge

The National Ledger

The fabulous Katie Holmes is taking charge. The young mother and wife of Tom Cruise is thought by many to have handed over quite a bit of her independence when she signed on as Mrs. Tom Cruise but an insider says that is not true and claims that the starlet is now in control. An article from OK! Magazine notes that Katie's career is on a roll.

They note that "Mad Money", her first movie since giving birth to daughter Suri, 1, last year, is set for release Jan. 18. That same month, she's expected to start shooting "The Other Side," a comedic fantasy co-starring Woody Harrelson, in which she'll play a grad student who discovers a world of strange characters while spending a summer on an island studying fish.

Katie's "Mad Money" character has been described as "an exuberant free spirit with nothing to lose," and some might argue that it could also be the Toledo, Ohio, native's outlook in real life. A source tells OK!, "Katie is very determined and focused about everything she does, whether it is raising Suri, organizing a dinner party or plotting out her career. No one is telling her what to do. That's not to say that she doesn't listen to advice from Tom and her team, but the decision is always hers."

The mag reports that Katie's independent streak also extends to her personal life. While Tom is "still in charge of certain things," according to the source, "Katie is "taking greater control in other areas. She has a tremendous amount of responsibility for keeping their personal life running smoothly." That includes overseeing the decorating of their new $35-million Beverly Hills mansion. She's "very involved" in the renovations of the seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom property, says the source. "It's her vision of what a family home should look like."

For his part, Tom appears to be comfortable letting his wife call the shots. According to another source who knows the couple, Katie has "always had a strong-willed side to her. We just haven't had much opportunity to witness it until now."