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Tom Cruise Gets Buff For Katie Holmes

The National Ledger

When you are the hubby of the fabulous Katie Holmes you better stay fit. That is apparently the attitude of Tom Cruise who reportedly is working hard to shed some pounds and tone up his body. According to a report from Star Magazine the megastar keeps his body in action-hero shape with a grueling 90 minutes of Pilates every single day. "This is a really tough workout, and it isn’t for the squeamish, but Tom likes to really challenge himself,” a friend tells Star.

The chatty fiend gives even more details on Tom's new routine. "He works out with a trainer at home seven days a week, and he’s been doing Pilates for years. He has all the equipment right there at his house!" Good for him.

The report notes that as Tom, 44, is 16 years older than Katie, 28, and he’s determined to stay trim for her - and to keep up with baby daughter Suri. "Tom says he feels younger and stronger with Pilates," the friend adds. “It gives him more stamina. He also likes to do his own stunts in the movies, to this keeps him primed! Katie loves the results - her hubby outshines younger guys."

During a recent visit to Shreveport, La., where Katie is filming Mad Money, Tom was overheard saying that he “needs to stay healthy now more than ever,” a source reveals. “He loves Pilates, but he also drinks lots of water and takes vitamins.” The Pilates make him lean and strong and more energetic, the pal proclaims.