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The Girl Next Door

Escape From Tom's Thumb

National Enquirer

TOM CRUISE's daughter ISABELLA is packing her things and making plans to move out of her father's home he shares with KATIE HOLMES.

Cruise's adopted daughter - aka Bella - is making plans to leave his Beverly Hills compound when she turns 18 in December, insiders say.

"Bella can't wait to get out from under Tom's thumb and get away from stepmom Katie," a source divulged.

Tom, 48, adopted Bella and her brother Connor, 15, while he was married to Nicole Kidman.

"Bella and Connor have lived a very sheltered life. Tom's sister Cass home-schooled them and their schedules and interaction with friends and outsiders has been tightly monitored," added the source.

As The ENQUIRER recently reported, the superstar's four-year marriage to Katie is imploding because she won't give him another baby.

Meanwhile, Katie hates to see Bella go, but understands why she wants more freedom, said the source.

Bella would like to finally date.