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Katie Holmes Lets Loose On Set Of 'The Romantics'

Co-star Elijah Wood recalls Katie's 'amazing' moves at the cast's wild dance party

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By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

The cast and crew of "The Romantics" found a very special way to unwind on their rural set. Elijah Wood and Katie Holmes have fond memories of a wild dance party they threw between takes. And, according to Wood, Holmes has some killer moves.

"I'll never forget that dance party we had at that lunch hour," Wood told MTV News at Sundance while promoting the flick, about a group of friends from college reunited for a wedding. "Oh my God, it was so fun. Instead of trailers on the film — we were in a relatively rural, small area — we ended up having holding houses. ... And one lunch break, instead of going to lunch, we decided to have a party at one of the holding houses. There was a little iPod dock, and we played very loud music and danced. And the girls were amazing."

They didn't specify whether co-stars Anna Paquin, Malin Ackerman, Josh Duhamel, Adam Brody and Candice Bergen were also at the shindig, but Holmes' skills on the dance floor seem to have left quite the impression on Wood. "You're a lot of fun and a fine dancer," he told her. "She's versatile. There was not a lot of repeat."

What's her signature dance move? "I like to shimmy," she said. "I like a shimmy. It's when you move your shoulders. It all goes back to the basic, and then you expand from there."

Holmes pointed out that her performance at the impromptu party has a lot to do with the fact that she still kind of feels like a kid. The 31-year-old mother and wife said she hasn't yet had that moment where her adulthood has set in. "I'm waiting for that day," she said. "I'm still a lot of fun."

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