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Holmes may have ulterior motive to ‘Dance’

MSNBC - The Scoop
By Courtney Hazlett

When you’re Katie Holmes and you’re spotted walking around the studio lot of “So You Think You Can Dance,” wearing an outfit that looks hijacked from the set of “Fosse,” word will spread quickly.

Holmes has yet to confirm her “SYTYCD” participation, and Fox is steadfast with a “no comment” response, but several sources say that you can expect Holmes to both sing and dance on the reality show.

“She’ll be doing a Judy Garland tribute,” says a source who became close to Holmes when she performed in “All My Sons” on Broadway last fall.

The logical follow-up question is: Why would Holmes want to be part of the show? One theory: she’s playing the part of the good wife.

It’s the 70th anniversary of the iconic Judy Garland film “The Wizard of Oz,” which is an MGM property (and here’s where it becomes complex — stay with me). MGM and Holmes' hubby, Tom Cruise, are closely linked since the studio was behind the resurrection of Cruise’s production company, United Artists.

MGM, which isn’t a runaway financial success right now, has high sales expectations for the “Wizard of Oz: 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition” DVD, which comes out this September.

Cruise doesn’t have any films from United Artists in theaters any time soon, so the pressure is on for him to contribute to the bottom line. One way to drum up publicity: have Holmes help where she can.

“It’s a lot of dots to connect, but for one, she’s his biggest cheerleader, and she had her eye on the Weinstein Company’s Judy Garland project, but (the role) went to Anne Hathaway,” said another source. “She has talked about doing musical theater for some time now. And even though it feels strange that she’d do ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ it could be good for the next phase of her career.”

Holmes’ performance is expected to air later this summer, but there’s no official air date yet.