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Life & Style exclusive: Tom, Katie and Suri split three milk shakes,
a sundae and an ice cream cone in one sitting

Life & Style Weekly

There's definitely one thing all the members of the Cruise family have in common: a sweet tooth! Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and 5-year-old Suri made a quick trip to the Milkshake Factory in Pittsburgh on Sept. 24 and the family of three didn't just indulge in one delectable treat -- the trio got five!

"Katie ordered a vanilla salt caramel sundae for the group," a fellow customer at the Milkshake Factory tells Life & Style. "They also ordered three 20-ounce milk shakes, and Katie said they were going to share all three so they could taste the different kinds. Suri also got a plain vanilla cone!"

And while that might satisfy most people's cravings, it wasn't enough for the Cruise clan, which was in town to visit Tom while he films his latest movie, "One Shot." "They got a classic chocolate made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup," the customer adds. "They also got an Oreo shake and the flavor-of-the-week shake, which was apple pie. It has cinnamon-apple-pie pieces."

But their tasty trip started even before they sat down. "While in the store, Katie was eating a dark-chocolate terrapin. It has a pecan-caramel center and is covered with the signature dark chocolate," the customer tells Life & Style. "And Tom went right to the chocolate table, where he got a big assortment of dark and milk chocolate."

Like true chocolate fanatics, they finished every last bite of their treats!