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4-year-old Suri Cruise gets an iPad

Life & Style Weekly

Along with having over 100 pairs of shoes and a wardrobe that would rival any A-lister, 4-year-old Suri proves once again she can keep up with adult trends--this time with her very own iPad!

An eyewitness tells Life & Style Suri played with her new iPad while at dinner at Il Cantinori in NYC on May 24 with parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Unlike most children's toys which typically cost under $100, the iPad cost ranges from $499-$829 depending on the number of gigabytes.

The eyewitness tells Life & Style Suri put her stuffed animals aside to use a drawing program on the expensive piece of equipment while Tom and Katie carried on a conversation with dining partners. She played with the iPad for about 20 minutes before the family headed out of the restaurant just before midnight.

According to reports, iPads remain sold out in many locations and the wait list continues to grow. Suri is one of just 2 million iPad owners since the item launched on April 3.