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The Girl Next Door


Suri Cruise showed off her culinary tastes in Melbourne

The Herald Sun - Australia

Suri Cruise has proved she is not just the best-dressed tot around the globe, she is also the most worldly and well-mannered.

Katie Holmes and her three-year-old daughter were eating out at Wagamama restaurant in Flinders Lane on Friday.

As staff were clearing their plates, a laid-back Holmes mentioned Suri loved eating edamame beans.

The boiled and salted soybeans would not be the first choice of food for most three-year-olds.

But Suri confirmed her love of the soy bean pod by pleading with her mum to have some more.

"Mummy, I want more edamame," Suri said to a stunned floor staff member.

"Most people don't even know what edamame is," a member of the Wagamama staff said.

As the famous mum and daughter left, staff were further enamoured to find a big thank-you note written by Suri, no doubt with the help of Holmes, on the back of a comment card.