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Katie Holmes Had ‘Miserable’ Birthday With Tom Cruise?

Gossip Cop

After wrongly reporting last week that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had separated, Star magazine is again trying to stir up trouble for the famous couple.

The tab now claims Holmes was “miserable” on her birthday.

According to Star, the actress was “anything but joyful” as she celebrated turning 32 with Cruise and daughter Suri in the Big Apple on December 18.

“She had dark circles under her eyes, like she hadn’t slept at all,” an alleged eyewitness tells the tab. And while she “sometimes smiled,” adds the so-called source, “she was obviously pretending.”

Later that weekend, reports Star, Holmes sat “glumly” in the Plaza Hotel as her husband and Suri “laughed and cuddled.”

That’s funny, because Gossip Cop has access to dozens upon dozens of photos from Holmes’ birthday weekend (above), and the actress hardly looked “miserable.”

In fact, People magazine even noted how Cruise and Holmes were “laughing and enjoying themselves” during her birthday dinner at ABC Kitchen.

The only thing that’s verifiably “miserable” is Star’s reporting.