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CLAIM: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Have Separated

Gossip Cop

This holiday season, the only thing less real than Santa Claus is a Star magazine cover.

One week after its ridiculous (and wrong) Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt feature, the tabloid goes after its old targets Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

“Fed-Up Katie Leaving Tom,” declares Star, which goes on to detail a supposed “Christmas Split!” between the A-listers.

According to so-called “insiders” for the mag, Holmes and Cruise “have been living separate lives in recent months.” Cruise’s busy work schedule has supposedly made Holmes “so lonely,” she “probably forgets what it’s like to be happy.”

To deal with her alleged marriage woes, says Star, Holmes is “fleeing home to Ohio!” And she’s supposedly been calling her divorce lawyer dad “for advice about what to do,” claims the mag.

But the only thing Holmes is actually planning to “do” is visit her family at the end of the month.

She’s “leaving Tom”… for a family holiday, NOT forever.

Gossip Cop isn’t necessarily surprised about Star’s newest claims. After all, earlier this month the magazine played up how “unhappy” Holmes and Cruise’s wedding anniversary apart was - conveniently forgetting to mention key realities about their filming schedules.

And for months the magazine has been yammering about an alleged “marriage contract” hanging over the couple – except it’s completely fictional.

Much like this latest nonsense.

This week’s cover story is “absolutely false,” a rep for Holmes tells Gossip Cop, who describes it as “unbelievable” and says the magazine didn’t even bother to contact Holmes’ camp with its allegations.

So when the family gathers around the fireplace over the holidays, feel free to use Star as kindling.