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CLAIM: Suri Cruise Getting $100,000 Pony and Diamonds for Christmas

Gossip Cop

We hope Suri Cruise doesn’t read In Touch – because the tabloid just promised her a pony for Christmas.
Along with diamond studs and all the “frilly custom-designed dresses” she could ever want!
That’s because, according to In Touch, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have no issue with getting their pampered daughter everything she asks for.”
“Tom and Katie love the holidays and always go overboard to make sure Suri has a magical time,” explains a so-called “family friend,” adding, “They are buying absolutely everything she asked for!”
And this year, her “No. 1 wish is a pony!” claims the In Touch source, adding that Tom Cruise has already been on the search for a $100,000-plus pony, which is on Suri’s list for Santa, along with “diamond earrings and beautiful dresses, like a fairy princess gown.”
Just to be clear: In Touch claims (1) to know exactly what Suri Cruise wants for Christmas and that (2) the 5-year-old gets absolutely everything she wants.
A rep for the couple tells Gossip Cop the entire preposterous story is “false.”
In other words, don’t expect to see a diamond-accessorized Suri riding a pony through Beverly Hills come December 25.