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Katie Holmes Blows Off “Jack & Jill” Costars for Gym and Scientology?

Gossip Cop

In Touch reports that Katie Holmes has been “acting like a recluse” on the L.A. set of her film, "Jack & Jill," “shunning her colleagues in favor of lunchtime Scientology classes and rigorous solo workouts in her trailer.”

“Nobody will see her for two hours and they’ll go and find her in her workout trailer,” claims a so-called “insider,” who goes on to explain it’s a $6,000-a-day “state-of-the-art fitness center.”

The tab’s source adds, “Producers often have to come and remind her to get back to the set and get ready because her workout has ruined her hair and makeup they already spent hours doing.”

And when she’s not working out in her own private gym, reports In Touch, Holmes “spends a lot of time at the Scientology center.”

During lunch breaks, says the same alleged insider, “she will have her bodyguard drive her and Suri to the celebrity Scientology center,” and come back “late” to the set.

Enough, enough…

Good thing Gossip Cop has its own insider on the set of "Jack & Jill," which stars Adam Sandler in both title roles.

For starters, Holmes does NOT have a gym in her trailer.

And while there is exercise equipment for the entire cast, Holmes has NEVER been to the gym.

Also, our impeccable source on the set tells Gossip Cop, Holmes has “not been going to lunch at the Scientology center.”

So what did In Touch get right?

That Holmes is in "Jack & Jill."

And what did In Touch get wrong?

Everything else.