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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes “Marriage Deal” Falling Apart?

Gossip Cop

Star magazine has a rich history of poor reporting on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Whether it’s claiming that Holmes plans to write a $15 million tell-all about their marriage (not true), insisting that Cruise bought daughter Suri a $100,000 castle (not true), alleging that Cruise doesn’t allow his wife to use his gym equipment (not true), or just casually fabricating Suri’s summer at a day camp, the tabloid is never satisfied to stick to facts alone.

Now comes a cover story promising details of the couple’s “broken home” and their alleged “marriage deal.”

According to Star, “lies, spies and bitter fights” have been driving Cruise and Holmes apart, threatening a relationship that is “more fractured than ever.”

At the heart of the tabloid’s story is the staggeringly ridiculous idea that Cruise and Holmes have a “marriage contract” that will pay Holmes $10 million for a second baby. Now, she’s supposedly “stalling on the deal” by wanting to wait before giving Suri a sibling.

Oh, but Holmes herself is allegedly angry, because Cruise “promised” her a role in Mission: Impossible 4 as part of the deal, “and he never followed through on that.”

Since the contract is “valid until 2012,” says an “insider,” Holmes is feeling trapped and frustrated.

That’s kind of how Gossip Cop feels whenever we read a Star hit piece on the couple.

A rep for Cruise calls Star’s creative cover “absurd,” while a spokesperson for Holmes flatly tells Gossip Cop it’s just “fabrication after fabrication.”

The tabloid declares solemnly, “One thing is certain: Someone will have to compromise for this marriage to continue.”

If anyone has expertise in “compromising,” it’s Star.