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Tab Manufactures Fake Katie Holmes “Baby No. 2” Story

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“Baby No. 2 On The Way!” blares the headline about Katie Holmes on the cover of Life & Style, which also claims, “Katie Talks to Life & Style.”

The mag further promises, “A glowing Katie opens up about her joy of being a mom. She can’t stop touching her bump and has cravings for ice cream.”

So did Holmes confess to Life & Style that she’s pregnant?


In a classic bait-and-switch, the tabloid actually presents an article that supposes Holmes might be preparing to get pregnant.

She wears baggy clothing, “loves playing” a pregnant Jackie Kennedy in an upcoming History Channel miniseries, and rubs her belly a lot (for her role as an expectant Jackie O).

So what did Holmes actually tell the tab?

The actress, speaking earlier this month at a screening for "The Extra Man," said motherhood is “fabulous” and she considers herself “very lucky.”

That’s it.

Nothing about being pregnant.

Nothing about preparing to get pregnant.

Nothing to Life & Style about “Baby No. 2.”

And just like Holmes wasn’t expecting last month when a Life & Style headline exclaimed, “Tom & Katie: Baby No. 2!” (sound familiar?), she’s not expecting now, either.

A rep for the actress, who calls Life & Style’s latest article “unbelievable,” assures us Holmes is still “not pregnant.”

Despite Life & Style’s shameless attempts to trick its readers, like Holmes, it too doesn’t deliver.