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CLAIM: Katie Holmes Starving (Herself) For Control

Gossip Cop

Katie Holmes is “desperate to be skinny,” declares Life & Style’s new cover story, which purports to reveal the actress’ “alarming” exercise and diet routines.

According to the magazine, Holmes is wasting away to nothing because Tom Cruise micromanages every other part of who she is.

“Tom may have taken over every aspect of her life, but only she has control over her body,” explains Life & Style.

A so-called “insider” claims Cruise treats Holmes “like his Eliza Doolittle,” molding everything from career choices to personal style, and allegedly driving Holmes to unsafe exercise and diet practices in a bid to reassert herself.

Now she’s supposedly on a “near-hunger strike,” substituting Diet Coke and tea for food and going overboard with Pilates, spinning and running.

“It’s really noticeable in person that she’s painfully thin,” claims a so-called “eyewitness” at the Soho House pool in Miami.

Actually, what’s become “noticeable” is Life & Style’s endlessly laughable speculation when it comes to Holmes, including wrong pregnancy rumors and confusing, contradictory claims about her daughter Suri.

If Holmes gained weight, Life & Style would say she was depressed. It’s yet another example of tabloids using any body fluctuation to print negative rumors.

A rep for the actress tells Gossip Cop the entire weight story is “ridiculous.”