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Tom Cruise Forbids Katie Holmes From Doing "Dawson’s Creek" Reunion Movie?

Gossip Cop

“Tom Cruise torpedoed the proposed ‘Dawson’s Creek’ TV reunion movie,” reports the National Enquirer, which claims the actor forbid Katie Holmes from “reuniting with former co-stars Michelle Williams and (especially) James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson.”

Uh, Williams’ character was killed off the show, but anyway.

A so-called “pal” of Holmes tells the tab, “Producers were lining up writers to create a script until Katie bowed out,” adding, “She told me Tom forced her into that decision, arguing that doing ‘Dawson’s’ would be a step backward career-wise.”

But that’s not the real reason, she bailed, claims the “friend,” who explains, “The truth is that Tom’s insanely jealous of James and Joshua because she’d romanced them both when they all starred together.”


As in wow, this is one of the stupidest stories we’ve come across in a while.

For starters, the “Dawson’s Creek” reunion was never actually happening – it was just something the actors had recently joked about in various interviews.

And all of the stars are now adults in committed relationships — it’s not as if they’re still the hormonal teenagers that they were in their “Dawson’s” days.

In any case, a rep for Cruise tells Gossip Cop the mag’s story is “complete nonsense”.