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CLAIM: Katie Holmes “Destroyed” By Tom Cruise’s “Broken Promises”

Gossip Cop

Katie Holmes has been “destroyed” by Tom Cruise’s “broken promises,” claims In Touch .

The magazine, which has proudly written unsubstantiated garbage about the couple for years, now contends that Holmes “isn’t living the charmed life” Cruise vowed to give her.

Their evidence?

“She looked really tired” walking in New York on April 26, says an “onlooker,” adding, “She seemed sad.”

Um. OK.

And to what does In Touch attribute Holmes’ looking “tired” to some random person a few weeks ago?

Well, the tabloid seems to think she’s upset about being a mom to Suri instead of being a “big star.”

A so-called “source” explains, “Katie thought that being married to a huge star like Tom would open doors for her. But she’s not being offered the roles Tom vowed to get her.”

“This isn’t the life she signed up for,” continues the mag’s source. “And she feels depressed.”

Hey, that’s how we feel every time we open In Touch!

In any case, we’re not sure how the tabloid can pretend to have any credibility whatsoever when it comes to the couple, but this latest speculation about Holmes being “destroyed” by “promises” that In Touch invented is about as off the mark as we’ve seen.

A source close to the actress assures Gossip Cop the latest In Touch report is “insane.”