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Claim: Katie Holmes traded Tom Cruise new part for pregnancy

Gossip Cop

The National Enquirer claims Tom Cruise was “livid” after Katie Holmes was offered the role of Jackie Kennedy in an upcoming 8-hour History Channel miniseries.


Because it’s interrupting his “baby dreams” to have another child, reports the mag.

“After shedding many tears, and enduring days of Tom pouting and stewing,” says one of the tabloid’s so-called sources in very unnatural speech, “Katie won the battle after promising that having a baby will be her No. 1 priority after this plum project.”

The Enquirer’s source adds, “Tom backed off, but made it clear he doesn’t want to hear about any more roles before Katie gets pregnant.”?

Actually, Gossip Cop doesn’t want to hear any more phony tales.

We looked into these claims and found nothing to back up Cruise being “livid” or a promise to get pregnant by Holmes in exchange for the Jackie O part.

Additionally, a rep for Cruise tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer’s item is “ridiculous.”