K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door


Suri Cruise is Real, and Really Cute

Fox News
by Roger Friedman

Life is full of coincidences. Wasn't it only Saturday night that we ran into Katie Holmes at the Armani Prive fashion show? We told you about this two columns ago.

Katie seemed pleased to see us. We may have been the last civilians she met before her magical mystery tour with Tom Cruise began in April 2005.

Lo and behold: We ran into Katie again, this time at the Beverly Hills Hotel after brunch on Sunday, Oscar morning. She arrived in a minivan bearing the family of Vanity Fair's legendary celebrity wrangler Jane Sarkin. And Katie carried her most prized possession: baby Suri.

Suri wore a red frock and a half-smile, along with her well-known chopped bangs. She's Katie's Mini-Me, that's for sure.

Suri has a round, cherubic face, dark eyes and dark hair that are quite distinctive. She also has a huge, memorable smile, and she likes to reach out with her left index finger.

Does she look like Tom? I would say yes, especially in the eyes. She also looks a little like Tom's very handsome mother.

"She looks like a combination of the two of you," I said.

Katie didn't respond, but she may have been distracted. She was wearing large black sunglasses that she never took off.

We exchanged pleasantries about the night before and how good she looked. She took Suri, whom she had been balancing forward so we could see her, tucked her under her arm and made her way into the hotel.

Meanwhile, Katie may have more complex matters on her hands soon. Sources tell me that she and Tom are going to be moving. They are looking for a mansion in Beverly Hills. Apparently the estate where Tom's lived all these years is rented. The owners want to sell, so Cruise has contacted real estate brokers.

"He needs to find a place for 12 people," a source told me. "That's what he asked for."

Cruise is housing his wife, three children, his mother, his sister and her three kids at least. That makes 10. The other two may be David and Victoria Beckham, apparently enlisted to play the Mertzes to the Cruises' Ricardos. Just kidding.

One thing's for certain: Katie is never left alone. She is always accompanied by some group or other, not to mention that she lives in a group home. It takes a village, indeed.