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Tom Cruise Not In Fiji


Is he in the country or is it a mission gone wrong.

Find out now.

Do not be fooled, neither Hollywood actor Tom Cruise nor his wife Katie Holmes is in the country.

Fiji's national television station and state owned radio plus some local based websites have reported that the "Mission Impossible" star, Cruise, is in the country after his luxury yacht, SuRi, was spotted berthed in Lami. They have also reported that Cruise is here to buy an island in the Yasawas.

Well, do not put your hopes too high to go running to Lami to catch a glimpse of Tom Cruise as he is not in Fiji.

The vessel, SuRi, which is berthed in Lami, also does not belong to Cruise. The 173 foot luxury yacht, SuRi, is the support vessel to the 164 foot Jemasa and has a helicopter parked on it. Fijivillage has established that the owners of the vessels, Suri and Jemasa are an American couple. They are not related in any way to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Reliable sources confirm that SuRi, with capitals S and R, are the beginning of the names of the American couple.

The assumption made by the national television and state owned radio in Fiji may have been based on the vessel name, SuRi, as Cruise's daughter's name is Suri.

The same situation had occurred in Seattle this year when some blogsites had reported that Cruise had owned the vessel but they later came out with headlines saying "Sorry SuRi is not Cruise's vessel".

So to reconfirm, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not in the country and they are definitely not walking around in Suva as reported.