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Is Katie Holmes Cool Enough For Miu Miu?

Female First - UK
by Laura Terry

When we saw the pictures for Katie Holmes' Miu Miu campaign, we'll admit we thought she looked great, stylish and chic.

However, after careful consideration, not to mention much debating around the FemaleFirst office, we all had one question about Katie- is she cool enough to promote Miu Miu?

This is a fashion brand after all, which is known for being hip, young and quirky, and while we do have a bit of a soft spot for Katie, she is arguably none of these.

Previous faces of the brand include Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan and most recently Johnny Depp's fiance, Vanessa Paradis, and they do all have something a bit 'different' about them.

Kirsten has always been known for her kooky look and style, while Lindsay is known mainly for her tabloid exploits, but undeniably she has influence over young people and what they wear.

Vanessa too, who is a big star in her own right across the globe has a real ethereal feel about her and her style, which coupled with her eccentricity really works for the Miu Miu brand.

Katie is becoming more associated with her dramatic weight loss and her 'odd' marriage to Scientology follower, Tom Cruise than she is for any fashion, or indeed acting choices she has made of late.

It's a shame too because just five years ago, she was a fresh faced beauty who hadn't really made much of a name for herself outside of "Dawson's Creek."

When she started dating Tom Cruise though, she was understandably propelled into the major league and with that came a whole host of new opportunities.

Hanging out with Victoria Beckham seemed to signal the start of her transformation, as she reinvented herself as a smart, sophisticated dresser, with shiny hair and flawless skin.

Her crop cut became one of the most talked about hairstyles of the year, and her new passion for fashion was clearly evident and she was soon being compared to Posh on a regular basis.

It was her marriage to Tom however, which really sent her star soaring but not always in a good way. Backlash against Tom and his Scientology beliefs soon started, which in turn affected Katie and her career.

Her Broadway debut last year was marred by protestors outside the theatre, and her crooked teeth, haggered appearance and obvious weight loss contributed to her look of utter exhaustion.

The Miu Miu campaign is Katie's first fashion deal and clearly they have seen something worthy of promoting in her, are we just too hung up on her personal life to take her seriously?

Well, when her images went head to head with Posh's Armani shots, there is no doubt who came out on top in terms of the publicity battle and what's more Vic just seemed to be a better fit for her campaign, compared to Katie.

Although it may seem a little harsh to write her off just yet, we're waiting to see exactly what comes of this fashion venture. Who knows, she may turn round and make us eat our words, but until then what do you think- is she cool enough for Miu Miu?