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Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: As Similar as 'Knight and Day'

Etertainment Tonight (Video)

Despite the opposites-attract title of their new summer movie 'Knight and Day,' Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are truly two peas in a pod when it comes to their off-set chemistry -- and affinity for hitting one another!

"[We would] come up on the set and we'd be like, 'What's Up? What's Up?' [and punch each other on the arm]," reports Tom, demonstrating with Cameron for our own Samantha Harris in picturesque Salzburg, Austria.

"[Punching and] kicking," adds Cameron with a laugh. "I'd kind of like be playing around, and every once in a while after a long stretch of stunts, Tom would be like, 'No, no -- not today.'"

In theaters June 23, 'Knight and Day' finds Tom and Cameron as a fugitive couple on the run, setting the stage for a globetrotting adventure featuring big action, big laughs and plenty of stunts by the stars themselves!

As for how Tom's wife Katie Holmes deals with some of his more outrageous stunt performances (such as when he jumped from a platform on top of a speeding car at 60 m.p.h.), Tom shares, "She's used to me doing this stuff; I think there's times where she's just like -- certain moments like the bull run [in Spain] -- it's like TMI [too much information] - certain things I'll tell her afterwards."

Tom also recalls some of his childhood bike-riding antics, foreshadowing some of his 'Knight and Day' daredevil stunts - and Cameron reveals what she might say if given some truth serum!