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The Katie Holmes Exclusive!

The actress talks Tom, Suri's first words and working alongside Hollywood heavyweights in 'Mad Money.'

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Newly married mama KATIE HOLMES is back to moviemaking with the 2008-slated comedy 'Mad Money,' and our JANN CARL headed to the Shreveport, Louisiana set for an exclusive interview with Katie and her co-stars QUEEN LATIFAH and DIANE KEATON.

"I was ready to go back to work," Katie says. "I really enjoyed the time that I had to be at home and just be a mom. Now I'm excited to be back to work. I always planned on it."

Although Katie's shooting the comedy on location, family is never far. "I feel really lucky because SURI has come, and my trailer is a nursery," she reveals. "TOM comes, and it's nice to have your husband there."

Katie says that baby Suri is not only walking, but running, as well as waving, giggling, blowing kisses and saying "dada" and "mama" -- which was her first word. According to Katie, the 13-months-old is even aware of her mom's new look for her 'Mad Money' role. "She likes it, she rubs my hair," Katie says of her curly 'do. "She knows what's going on."

In 'Mad Money,' directed by CALLIE KHOURI, Katie plays Jackie, a woman who teams up with her fellow Federal Reserve Bank cleaning crew members (Keaton and Latifah) for a criminal exercise in creative moneymaking!

Katie admits that there are some kissing scenes, but both she and Tom know it's really just another day's work. "I'm on the set when he's working, he's on the set when I'm working, and we're working," she says. "It's not a big deal -- it's a part of the job."

Something else that is a part of the job is spending day in and day out with your fellow cast, and lucky for these three ladies, they've got nothing but love for each other.

"We got a little protective over each other," Latifah says. "Because we know what we're here to do and we know who we are, but we know how the outside world perceives us. I think we all kept an eye out on each other, and that has brought us closer."

Katie concurs wholeheartedly. "These are phenomenal women," she says.

Diane says that having that kind of camaraderie on the set helps the movie gel all the more.

"It makes you more creative, when you feel like you're part of a team," the acting vet says. "That's what this movie is about, too. It starts with this idea that there's this woman, me, who loses everything. I'm college-educated and my husband is middle management and we're very set and suddenly -- boom -- the bottom falls out and then suddenly I'm in another world with these two. ... The only real friends that I've ever had are people that would have never been in my life otherwise."

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