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Katie Holmes: Sundance 'Romantic'

Entertainment Tonight (Video)

Katie Holmes was flying solo in Park City, UT for this year's Sundance Film Festival, but she found plenty of good friends to hang out with at the premiere of her new film, 'The Romantics,' including co-stars Josh Duhamel and Malin Akerman!

"We've actually stayed in good touch and we all e-mail each other all the time and go to dinner often, and so it's great to see each other again, and I love these guys so much," Katie tells ET.

In the 'Big Chill'-style ensemble piece 'The Romantics,' Katie stars opposite Josh and Anna Paquin as former college friends caught up in a love triangle. Malin, Elijah Wood, Adam Brody, Jeremy Strong, Rebecca Lawrence and Dianna Agron also star.

"This movie is about a group of friends that went to Yale together and they've come back together about ten years later for a wedding," explains Katie. "But at this wedding there's a lot of unsaid things, and there's some love stories that are going on that aren't really appropriate for the wedding. It's also about that time in your life where you're stopping and looking again at what am I doing?"

"It's just a real raw look at what people are going through the day before the wedding," adds Josh, "and I think stuff like this happens more often than not."

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