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Katie Holmes Turns To 'A Confidence Coach' After Split From Tom Cruise

Actress trying to find her voice...

By Claire Rutter

Katie Holmes put on a brave face in the days following her shocking announcement that she was set to divorce her husband Tom Cruise, but now she's allegedly felt the need to hire a 'coach' to help her rebuild her confidence.

The mother-of-one was seen strutting out confidently, even without a bra one day, as she carried out various tasks in New York with six-year-old daughter Suri, but now a source has said that that initial burst of confidence has “faded”.

A source has reportedly told Grazia magazine: “She foresaw an incredible golden future for her and Suri, free of Tom and Scientology. But the glow and radiance that surrounded Katie post-split seem to have evaporated.

“Katie is keen to find her own voice so she has sought professional help and has employed a confidence and life coach who she's been seeing once a week to help her regain who she once was.”

“It's like she's struggling to regain her own identity while balancing work, motherhood and keeping Suri grounded. With so much on her mind, it's hardly surprising that she's not sleeping for more than five hours a night. She doesn't regret what she did. But she's found it harder to carry as normal these past few weeks,” said a source.

Katie was without her daughter Suri for the last few days, as she spent time with Tom at Disneyland in Florida, and some picked up on the marked difference in the 'Batman Begins' body language.

The actress is allegedly upset with Tom's decision to lavish lots of expensive treats on their daughter throughout their trip to Florida last week as Katie is said to be trying to carve a 'normal' life for Suri instead, like visits to the zoo, museum and even having snacks from the local ice-cream parlour.

Reports have also suggested that the 33-year-old is “terrified” about returning to Los Angeles, where she feels that she will be watched intently.

Just a fortnight ago, Katie allegedly cancelled a planned trip to the city, where her ex is based, for the charity gala for the Dizzy Feet Foundation. It's an organisation that she set up three years ago, but she couldn't attend because she was “too scared”, says an insider.

“In the end Katie just couldn't do it - she just didn't seem to have the confidence and was too scared to set foot in LA, where she feared her every move would be watched,” a source told the magazine.

“She really never anticipated life post-Tom would be like this and we're all hoping it turns round for her soon.”