K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

About Face

As Katie Holmes steps into her role as celebrity spokeswoman for Bobbi Brown, she shares some of her top tips and tricks.

By April Long
February 21, 2013

Katie Holmes is perched on the corner of an expansive white table in Bobbi Brownís Manhattan HQ, eyeing an array of eye shadows, liners, and palettes from the makeup mavenís spring collection that has been spread out for display (and, well, play) like some kind of dream beauty smorgasbord. ďTo me, Bobbiís makeup is like having a beautiful, tightly edited closet,Ē she says. ďIt all goes together, and itís all really nice. You just canít go wrong.Ē

That the actress/designer recently has been named the celebrity face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics couldnít be more apt: Holmesí effortless, all-American beauty is an ideal embodiment of Brownís less-is-more approach to makeup. The partnership also marks the latest phase in Holmesí post-TomKat reinvention, in which she has moved to New York City, wowed Broadway in Dead Accounts, and settled into the role of a hardworking, down-to-earth single mom (a detail that dovetails with Brownís makeup-for-real-women philosophy). ďI feel like Bobbi designs with people like me in mind, who arenít that good at makeup,Ē says Holmes, as Brown passes through the room carrying a bubblegum pink skateboard. ďI really appreciate that.Ē

Whatís your skin-care routine?
I drink a lot of water. I do hot yoga to sweat all the toxins out. And I love masks. I sleep in an SK-II Treatment Mask.

Wow! How often?
Every night! And I use the Dr. Hauschka Firming and Rejuvenating masks. I like to do them during Skype calls with my friends, just to keep it real. Face time!

Do you have a go-to for red-carpet glam?
I love a smoky eye. I can do it, but not like the professionals. Iíll think I did a really good job, but then Iíll see a picture and be like, ďOh, man.Ē

You do your own makeup while on Broadway. Has that improved your technique?
Iím better at putting it on other people. If my friends and I are on long trips, Iíll be like, ďLetís have a makeup party.Ē I like the challenge, because I want to be good at it and Iím not yet, so it gives me practice. Plus, itís fun.

Has Bobbi taught you any great tips?
Yes! Just today she told me that when I apply blush, I need to bring it down, not just up. So you sweep it up toward the temples, and then blend it down. Otherwise you look streaky.

Whatís the makeup item you canít live without?
Bobbiís Shimmer Brick. I usually put it on right away in the morning, because it brightens up my whole face. And then I can add a little mascara and be done, which is nice to know. I like those little shortcuts. Like, whatís the least I need to do in order to look like Iím alive?

Whatís the most playful item in your makeup repertoire?
Fake lashes. I love them, but Iím afraid of looking like Lucille Ball in that movie [Yours, Mine and Ours, 1968] where sheís at a party and her lashes start to fall off. I was wearing individual lashes the other night onstage and a clump of them fell onto my cheek. It wasnít good.

Bobbi did the makeup for your Holmes & Yang spring 2013 presentation. How did the two relate?
Bobbiís focus is on being confident and powerful, and thatís what Jeanne and I try to do with our clothes. They donít scream fashion! And itís the same with her makeup: You see the woman first.