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Which Celeb Is Rocking a Wrist Tattoo?

E! Online
by Christina Gibson

Is this actress and mom trying to get edgy on us?

She was spotted at at Digital Domain Studios in Marina Del Ray on Wednesday sporting a double chain tattoo around her left wrist.

But is her inky accessory the real deal or more of the temporary, henna type?

Perhaps she's been inspired by all the fake tats her hubby has for his latest project. Think you know who's all chained up?

It's Katie Holmes!

Mrs. Tom Cruise gave photogs a glimpse of her ink yesterday, but don't expect to see it adorning her wrist for long.

Her rep tells us it's not real and is "just for fun". Maybe she got the idea from her adorable daughter Suri, who once scribbled marker tattoos all her over her legs.

Either way, Katie's been taking edgier roles on-screen as well. Her latest creepy cinematic effort "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" is actually getting decent reviews, too!