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The Girl Next Door

Suri Cruise Really Is That Cute! "You Just Want to Eat Her," Says Mom's Costar

E! Online
by Marc Malkin

How cute is Suri Cruise?

We'll let one of Katie Holmes' costars in her upcoming flick, "The Romantics," tell you…

"You just want to eat her," Malin Åkerman says. "You want to eat that little kid so badly. And she's a smart, smart girl. She's so smart and well socialized because she's always on set."

Åkerman was thoroughly impressed by Katie, too. "She's like the sweetest hometown girl," Åkerman told me while she was at the Maui Film Festival promoting "happythankyoumoreplease." "She comes to set with cupcakes and coffee and orders pizza for everyone. She's like the mother hen...And she's super cool and really, really funny. We had a blast."

And then there were days when Holmes' mom came to set, too. "You just want to go home with her," Åkerman said, "and have her bake you apple pie."