K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Suri Serves as Sage for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

E! Online
by Peter Gicas

Never underestimate the power of Suri Cruise.

Given how she already seems to provide sound advice to Katie Holmes when it comes to fashion, it's not too surprising to hear that Tom Cruise likes to occasionally bounce ideas off his little one when prepping for a film…

"I'll put Suri on a swing and tell her stories when I'm working on a script," he says in the new issue of Esquire. "I'll start with the beginning of the movie and take her through the story beat by beat. Of course, I make it age-appropriate. She's four years old. But she asks all the right questions: 'Why does that happen?' 'Those are the bad guys?' 'You're the good guy, right?'"

Cruise also takes time out to speak fondly about the other lady in his life.

"You know, I'm married to such a special woman," says the "Knight and Day" star. "Every night before we go to sleep, Kate and I look at each other and it's like, How'd we do today?"

Of course, if neither of them can answer that question, they certainly know somebody who can.