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Tom and Katie's Petit Bone to Pick

E! Online
By Natalie Finn

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have probably developed pretty thick skins over the past couple years. But there's still a big soft spot when it comes to Suri.

The couple's attorney sent a cease-and-desist threat to the owner of Petit Tresor, a top-of-the-line baby boutique with two L.A. locations, for allegedly feeding the tabloids bogus info about TomKat's spending habits.

In his letter to owner Samantha Winch, dated May 12, legal eagle Aaron J. Moss accuses store reps of both violating their clients' privacy and passing along "simply false" details—namely, that Holmes and Cruise dropped between $350,000 and $400,000 in their stores—to Life & Style magazine "for the purpose of enhancing [the store's] image and obtaining a commercial advantage."

Other gossip rags have been told about purchases and visits that were never made to Petit Tresor, as well, Moss alleges.

Meanwhile, the outfit's public relations spokesman Andy Behrman wrote in an email to E! News that they were asked by a reporter for an estimation of how much the Cruises have spent on gear for Suri, but they "never mentioned that this $350-$400K figure included anything purchased at Petit Tresor."

Cruise's camp doesn't think too much of this recollection, however.

"Petite Tresor is trying to get publicity for themselves by telling the press that celebrities are shopping in their store when they're not," a rep for the actor told E! News.

"To the credit of Life & Style, they tried to verify and chose not to run inaccurate information."

And now a lawyer is advising the boutique to rely on other boldfaced names for publicity purposes from now on.

"Please do not say anything (whether true or false) about Mr. Cruise's and Ms. Holmes' shopping habits, consistent with your representation to the New York Daily News in December 2007 that 'We don't talk about any of our clients," Moss' letter concludes.