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Mommy... what are these? Suri Cruise picks out some very inappropriate sweeties

The Daily Mail - UK
By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Holmes won't be winning any prizes for her questionable parenting techniques.'

Not only was she out with daughter Suri, four, until well after midnight, but her precocious toddler was later snapped clutching a box of very inappropriate sweeties.

Suri was seen closely examining a box of 'Penis Gummies' sweets as she and mother Katie, 32, paused to talk to friends before leaving 'dessert only' restaurant Serendipity 3.

Parental guidance needed: Katie Holmes and her daughter were out for a late night treat
in New York, and Suri picked up a packet of Penis Gummies sweets

The box features cartoon like drawings of male genitalia, and unsurprisingly Suri seemed somewhat captivated by the brightly coloured packaging which contained penis-shaped jelly sweets.

Katie seemed as oblivious to adult candy as she was to the late hour.

The phallic shaped sweets were quite clearly an inappropriate choice for the four-year-old.

Oblivious: Katie chatted to a friend while the four-year-old studied the packet very carefully

A spokesperson for the restaurant told MailOnline: 'The Penis Gummies sweets were purchased by the group from the gift shop at the front of the restaurant.'

It is not clear if they were a gift or a takeaway treat for little Suri.

X-rated: : Suri picked up the penis shaped
sweets as she enjoyed dinner with her mum

But it's not just her choice of sugary snack that will raise eyebrows.

Katie and her daughter didn't leave the restaurant until after midnight - well past most four-year-olds bed time.

And the long night certainly seemed to take its toll on the little girl as she was looking extremely tired as the mother and daughter pair left the Serendipity eatery.

As she made her way into the restaurant Suri was seen carrying her own full sized brown handbag in a bid to look like a grown up.

Later as the pair decided to call it a night Katie carried her little girl in a bundle and Suri appeared ready for bed with her blanket.

As usual, budding fashionista Suri was looked adorable in a cute bright red embellished dress with a pale pink fur coat and matching sheepskin boots.