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Katie Holmes Is Declaring Her Independence!

Celebrity Babylon
Friday, June 29, 2007
By Heidi

Is Katie Holmes asserting her independence? It sure looks that way! Celebrity Babylon has grown accustomed to the blank stare and zoned out look of Holmes, 28, as she robotically follows around husband Tom Cruise, or even her jet-set fashionista pal Victoria Beckham.

Celebrity Babylon snapped these photos of an unkempt Katie as she went to a meeting with her agent at CAA in Century City (click HERE for pictures). Says our snapper, "Her hair looked wet, and her outfit was not up to her usual standards. She actually seemed just like a normal person for the first time in a long time! She gave the photographers a little smile, like 'hey guys.'" Funny too, to see her trying to line up work at her agent's office in Los Angeles when she could have stayed in Europe with Tom for a few more days as he promoted his dramatic flick "Lions For Lambs."

There's something else we noticed too, no more Scientology minder following her around every where. Celebrity Babylon ran into Katie's former minder, Scientologist Sr member Jessica Rodriguez who was in Hollywood doing errands on June 22, and didn't want to answer questions about her, uh, former "best friend." Jessica used to be glued to Katie's side, but not these days. Since her comedy Mad Money has wrapped, Katie's obviously eager to get back in the acting swing, and not content to just sit around the sets of Tom's movies anymore.

No more Kate-Bot? Can it be that motherhood (to their daughter Suri, 14-months) has snapped the spell that was over Katie for the last TWO YEARS? While Katie's busy playing "Ditch the Scientology minder" we've also learned that she's reaching out to her old girlfriends in Ohio. CB has learned EXCLUSIVELY that one friend named "Megan" has been back in contact with her, ever since Katie's mom [Kathleen Holmes] ran into her at an event back home in Toledo, Ohio. Says an insider, "She got Kate to call her and they spent over two hours catching up," says an insider. Soon we could see the bubbly Katie of the past re-emerge stronger than ever! Wonder what Tom Cruise (who turns 45 on July 3) thinks of that, or if he even realizes what's going on with his wife? Stay tuned Babylonians!