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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise fight over Suri’s education


In Touch Weekly’s cover story this week is basically the same old crap, different day. They’re trying to convince us that Katie Holmes is “at war” with Tom Cruise over a multitude of issues, including but not limited to Scientology, raising their daughter, her parents and how Tom just won’t leave her alone for two seconds. While I buy that Tom and Katie fight (as everyone does), and that they probably fight about one or more of these issues, I don’t buy this whole “they’re at war” thing. Still, whatever. It’s an interesting read. Here are some of the highlights:

*Katie is still fighting for Suri to have a Catholic education rather than Scientology-driven education. Although we ran with the Daily Mail’s story about Suri attending a Catholic preschool (and In Touch repeats the same claim), Boston media outlets later denied the reports. Suri probably isn’t attending Catholic pre-school after all.

*There’s tension between Tom and his father-in-law Martin. One witness noted that “Tom’s face falls when he sees Martin. Martin scowls at Tom. He can’t even crack a polite smile.”

*Katie thinks Suri is “treated too much like an adult” with all of the high heels and lipstick and lack of structure. Katie wants Suri to “have a normal childhood” and “mix more with children her own age.” Katie wants to give Suri more structure. Suri doesn’t even have a set bedtime, according to In Touch.

*Katie’s parents flew to Boston because “they aren’t very happy with Tom pressuring Katie to have another baby when she’s not ready.” Her parents also worry that Katie is becoming “increasingly isolated” and “stressed out”. I would add “robotic” and “zombie-esque” into the mix as well.

*Katie’s parents wanted her to bring Suri for a long visit in Ohio, but Tom “refused to let Katie go”. Katie is also depressed because she thinks about all of the friends she lost “when Tom came into her life”.

*And yet, Tom is afraid that if he doesn’t give in to some of Katie’s “demands” he might “lose” her. Yeah, right. Not until her contract it up.

*Katie is a lot happier with her mom. In Touch notes that on a recent outing with her mother, “Katie looked light years away from the sad-looking young woman she’d become in recent weeks.”

Eh. I think some of this may be true, especially the parts about Katie’s parents. I don’t think they were ever thrilled about the idea of their little girl becoming The Bride of Xenu. In Touch also makes a small note that Tom and Martin Holmes haven’t gotten along since before Tom and Katie were even married. Apparently, it stemmed from Martin wanting Katie’s pre-nup to be a lot more generous… for when her contract expires, I guess.