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Report: Katie Holmes under Tom Cruise’s thumb

Boston Herald
By Inside Track

Katie Holmes loves her “Knight & Day” star hubby Tom Cruise, but the Hollywood mom is “cut off from the world” by her domineering husband and is “miserable” because of it, according to this week’s Us Weekly mag, in a cover story called “Katie’s Regrets.”

“Katie has virtually no say in their marriage and hates it,” an “insider” tells the magazine. “Essentially everything in Katie’s life is orchestrated by Tom.”

An attorney for Cruise told the celeb mag there is no trouble in paradise, and another source close to the couple insisted that Cruise does what he does “out of love” for Katie.

On Saturday, the couple celebrated their anniversary at Bricco in the North End. The actor took over the restaurant’s second floor and ordered long-stemmed roses and candlelight for the occasion. But when Katie entered the restaurant, she asked, “Where is everybody?” the magazine reported.

Katie came to Boston for the weekend from New York, where she’s filming “The Romantics” on Long Island. Her hubby, who yesterday ranked No. 6 on the list of Forbes.com’s “10 Most Overpaid Stars,” has since wrapped his “Knight & Day” Hub shoot and fled to Spain to film a motorcycle chase scene during a re-creation of a bull run in Seville. Then it’s off to Austria for seven days and then to a tropical locale.

Us reports that Holmes has a “marriage contract” with Cruise that spells out certain financial incentives if she stays married to Cruise for seven years and produces two children. Daughter Suri is 3 and Holmes is said to be trying for baby No. 2. She must also support Tom’s controversial religion, Scientology.

In return, Tom will finance their lavish lifestyle and Katie gets “unlimited funding” to launch her clothing line. Should they divorce, there is a generous alimony schedule, the magazine says. Tom’s attorney also denied the existence of any such contract.