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Katie Holmes: Suri ‘Wears What She Wants To Wear’

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Suri Cruise has become one of Hollywood youngest fashionistas, and according to mom Kate Holmes, she doesn’t usually decide what her daughter wears.

"Access Hollywood" caught up with Katie at ELLE Magazine’s Women in Hollywood Tribute Monday night in Beverly Hills, where she explained that Suri’s style is usually up to Suri.

“Is [Suri] involved in picking out her clothes at all… does she go and say, “Mommy, I like that and that, I don’t like this,’” "Access’" Shaun Robinson asked Katie.

“Yes she does,” Katie told Shaun. “And she wears what she wants to wear.”

Suri wasn’t in attendance on Monday, but Katie did bring another special woman in her life.

“I love my mom and so appreciate the mom that she is…I appreciate her more and more now that I am a mother,” Katie explained. “It’s exciting to have her here tonight, we are having a good time and I’m enjoying it.”

“It would be nice if they allowed kids here, because you could make it a girls night out having little Suri here too,” Shaun noted.

“A couple generations walking down, right,” Katie said with a smile.